We're very satisfied with it.

You're always wasting your money.

Is it a secret or something?

We can handle this.

Now I'm having fun.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

I found you, didn't I?


My mother tells me not to study so hard.

Beth told Chris that if he didn't take a bath, she wouldn't go out with him.

I don't want to go out with Srivatsan.

When you back up into a tree, you make the boot smaller.

I want to know what you're thinking.

He's not in yet.

That's why we were there.

Your bike is better than mine.

I think Floria is in the garden.

We must punish him severely.

Your question is illogical.

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The five human senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

He's a cold person like that.

Is there anyone trapped in the car?

We've wasted enough time.

The authorities fined the shop because of a disorder in the electronic balance.

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They could not cope with difficulties.

Yes, I understand. Thank you.

Most satellites, including the Hubble Space Telescope, orbit in a low Earth orbit of just a few hundred kilometers altitude.

As you'd expect from a high-end model, the user settings are amazingly detailed. It seems like it'll be a while until I can get one of my own.

He became a pianist.

Isn't this the girl you were talking about?

Siping never forgave Carter for what she did.

Perhaps I could come back tomorrow.

What a big book!


In everyday life no one speaks in verse.

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That doesn't give us a lot of time.

The noise keeps the birds away.

That was a terrible joke.

This dog is taught to bark at strangers.

We'll go to Hong Kong first, and then we'll go to Singapore.

Is there time?

Ping has got some explaining to do.


Valentin went to Boston the day after Thanksgiving.

Some of the photographs lack definition.

It's not really that surprising.

"Where's Pierre?" "Beats me."

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.

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Don't compare yourself to her.

I ate three hot dogs.

Dreaming with honey is very different than dreaming with bees.

You had better go at once.

Here is a basket full of vegetables.

Neither Esperanto nor Interlingua employ double negative.

"Festiva" is a Ford, right?

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Where is the captain of this ship?


Give that to me.

I spent three weeks in Boston last summer.

It's not us who did it.

Tandy's strong character enabled him to avoid the common pitfalls of success and fame.

Later that night, Petr told Roberto what had happened.

She gave money.

Go back home and call the police!

She gave me the most wonderful present.

Spread your wings and fly away.


Jeremy isn't happy here. Can't you see that?


We must not allow ourselves to be influenced by soothing words.

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I hope that your future activities will expand our relationship with your firm.

The fire was brought about by children's playing with matches.

Jane has been doing her assignment.

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His sudden death was a tragedy.

He read a book written in English.

She apologized profusely.

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That's not what this is about.

Roxana arrived in Boston less than three weeks ago.

Holly blacked out.

The asphalt was softened by the heat.

I'm not going to see you again.


Jeany wanted Stuart to sign his yearbook.

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The boy reading a book is John.

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He is slowly catching up.


I've no idea what's causing these problems.


How shall we deal with this problem?


They must know I'm innocent.


He can play baseball.

Do you know who those people are?

"Well, do you get it now, Styopa?" "Of course I do, now I know this. But, Professor... it's better, I dunno, if we never speak of it again." "Alright."

How could you be so sure?

Anna exchanged greetings by giving his business card.


He spoke for one hour.

While we're sleeping the immune system opens its repair workshop.

Artemis is Apollo's sister.

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Don't let her drive your car.

Why's Ricardo always here?

We used to take long car trips when I was a kid.

It's just a scratch, OK?

He tidied up his room.

The sun was about to rise.

Beth died a hero.


When was the last time you taught driving?

Some kind of party upstairs kept me up till one last night.

This just might come in handy someday.

Is there a desk by the window?

We seem to be confused.

Jitendra is going away for a month.

I hope we're not inconveniencing you.

My sister would often cry to sleep when she was a baby.

Microplastics are microscopic particles of plastic debris that pollute the oceans.


Panzer isn't afraid of me, is he?

I'm a computer scientist.

What a paella!

Shamim isn't as beautiful as her younger sister.

Why did you delete my number?

We just want to take Erwin home.

I've always wondered about that.

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The mosquitoes are really bad here. I'm getting eaten alive.

Plastic does not burn easily.

Don't pussyfoot around the issue; do we have a problem, or don't we?


This is easy for me.

Petr and Nhan don't know each other very well.

Your eyes reflect the echo of my voice.

Olof wants to buy a house.

My aunt sent me a birthday present.

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This is a major environmental disaster.

I even work on Sundays.

Two members of the parliament were removed from office.


They set a new record for the longest kiss.

He's really cute, and so I like working with him.

All books can be divided into two categories.

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I told you I'd think about it.

There is a key on the desk.

This movie is one of my all-time favorites.

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A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Do you have plans for tonight?

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Pia is caught between a rock and a hard place.

I'd like to see that.

Sandy is supposedly cleaning his bedroom.

We found the boy sound asleep.

Ah, I think I'm gonna cry.


The company scrambled to stay afloat.

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How old is the Eiffel Tower?

Nobody wants to forget my country.

When was the last time you revised your lessons at the library?

You've done nothing wrong.

To be allowed to drive you need a licence.

I'd stand back if I were you.

I expect that he will help us.

I had some help.

Debi decided that it wasn't necessary to paint the ceiling.


Nelken must be busy.

There are times when a man must fight.

The boy was cross at having to stay at home.

I am as happy as a cat in pajamas.

Everything looks exactly the same.

There were flames everywhere.

I don't think Oleg is going to like that.

The data was accurate.

I enjoy talking with you.

Not all of us are against his idea.

I spoke to your father about the matter.

You don't understand how fortunate the country you live in is.

There's no guarantee that the stock will go up.

You're the worst liar in the world.

Let's discuss this later.

Isn't he Italian?

They are melons.